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Microinsurance Services Ltd (formerly MicroEnsure Malawi Ltd) is an insurance intermediary and consulting company whose exclusive focus is to address the mass market’s insurance needs to mitigate risk. It specializes in product design, product operation and claims administration in addressing the needs of the mass market. The company provides insurance to the low and middle-income market.
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Product Development and Process Design
We take pride in the quality of the products we develop for our client. Customers deserve to get the best from us.
Value Proposition Management
Something that used to be a challenge for us is Product Pricing and Value Proposition. It is no more.
Operational Execution
We work hand in hand with our clients during every single step of the process. You will never regret choosing us.

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We are always guided by our motto, “Imagine Unlimited Possibilities”, to translate clients’ ideas into products. All our products are tailor-made to suit the needs of our clients.

We are challenged to design products that manage your risks. Call us for a chat and you will be happy you chose us.

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We always fully own our projects. Failure has not been among our concerns.

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Weather Index Insurance

You are a farmer? Do not skip this.

Weather is unreliable, it affects farming in many ways. Poor harvests and crop damage due to bad weather can lead to less money in the farmer’s pocket, which makes it difficult for them to meet household expenses and loan obligations.  Weather index insurance is a new way that farmers and institutions can lessen the financial impact of bad weather.

  • What is weather index insurance?
    It is a new type of insurance that can pay out when there are crop losses caused by bad weather. Bad weather can be too little rain, ...
  • How does the weather index insurance work?
    Weather events (such as rainfall) are measured throughout the season at the farmer’s nearest weather station or using satellite ...
  • Why should farmers buy weather insurance?
    All farmers know that the weather is unpredictable which creates risk for farmers, their sponsors, agribusinesses, and banks.
  • Why Should Financial Institutions (FIs) Facilitate Weather Index Insurance?
    Easy to implement and monitor from remote The weather Index Insurance is terror made for FI’s product specifications.
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