MicroInsurance Services hires a Seasoned Banker as its new Board Chairman

MicroInsurance Services hires a Seasoned Banker as its new Board Chairman

Mr Aggrey Kaputeni (New Board Chairman)

Mr Richard Leftley (Former Board Chairman)

 The year 2019 came with an exciting news at MicroInsurance Services Ltd(an innovative microinsurance specialist company) with the announcement of a new board of directors. Making the announcement at its head office in Lilongwe, The Chief Executive Officer, Gift Livata stated that the new board will drive forward the company’s vision in providing checks and balances and policy guidance.

The new board chairman is Mr Aggrey Kaputeni, a seasoned banker with over 20 years’ experience in banking and finance. In his acceptance speech Mr Kaputeni said “Time has come for people to enjoy insurance innovations under the banner of MicroInsurance.” Mr Kaputeni has taken over the mantle from Mr Richard Leftley who retired from the board late last year after completing his term. Mr Leftley wished the new chairman and his board well as they take over the leadership to another level. “Remember, no one wakes up in the morning wanting to buy insurance, as such we have to find innovative means to reach out to the mass market with affordable insurance products” Said Mr Leftley.

Other new directors who have joined the MicroInsurance Services Ltd board are Mr Duncan Ndhlovu; a humanitarian specialist, Mrs Beatrice Makwenda; a policy specialist, while Mr Donvan Silungwe who served as the Legal Director; has renewed his term.

MicroInsurance Services Ltd is an insurance intermediary and consulting company whose exclusive focus is to address the mass market’s insurance needs to mitigate risk. It specializes in product design, product operation and claims administration in addressing the needs of the mass market. The company provides insurance to the low and middle-income market.

MicroInsurance Services Ltd works with NGOs, Agribusinesses, Mobile network operators, Banks, and Micro-finance institutions by designing, implementing and managing products that address a wide of range of risks faced by the mass market. Life, Health, Property and Weather Index Crop Insurance are some of the products from MicroInsurance Services Ltd.

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